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Handmade African gifts, brought to you by the women of Kopanang

A Safe Community For Women Facing Adversity And Illness

The Kopanang Community Trust is made up of a community of women with indomitable strength, nestled on the fringe of Johannesburg. Each Kopanang woman carries the burden of HIV/AIDs, whether inflicted with the virus, or caring for a loved one that lives with the disease. Forged from life’s challenges, they are fiercely compassionate and humble in their wisdom, with courage that cannot be denied.

Kopanang provides a safe platform for these women to learn new skills. Through these skills they are empowered to create ranges of beautifully hand crafted beaded and embroidered products which make the perfect gift, African souvenir or handcrafted home decor artwork. Each design is interpreted by the women of Kopanang and will vary in style and colour, ensuring that every piece is one of a kind.

These Handmade African gifts will bring a touch of African-inspired design, colour, charm and a story to your home or office.

These handmade African gifts are designed to mirror the rich colors and vibrancy of Africa. Each item is a vessel for artistic expression. Unwavering in their originality and created to reflect the brazen beauty and inner strength of this special group of women.

Kopanang products range from home ware to wall hangings. Every creation tells a story of empowerment, community and the beauty that can emerge from some of life’s most difficult challenges.

Why These Women Are Testimonies Of Overcoming Some Of Life’s Unfair Hurdles

The Kopanang women pour their heart and soul into their art, as a testimony to the loss, sickness, death, and despair that each has had to endure and overcome in her lifetime. By purchasing a product you purchase a story. This small act of solidarity and support breathes life into a project that uplifts the lives of these remarkable women.

Each Kopanang woman has her own story to tell, and her own legacy to leave. Coming together to share their stories of struggle, the Kopanang community have created a supportive safe space filled with hope, and casting light onto what could have been a dark future for themselves and their children. Their vision is to uplift those weighed down by disease, and to be a blessing to the community of women that they have so lovingly built.