Our vision for our products

Kopanang products symbolize hope and women’s empowerment, reflecting the beauty that can emerge from life’s challenges. Handmade and heartfelt, no two products are the same, as every woman draws on her own interpretation of color and detail to inspire a unique collage of creativity.

What products do we sell?

Some of the products we create are:

– Embroidered wall hanging of the big 5
– Embroidered wall hanging of South African Wildflowers
– Cushion covers
– Placemats
– Felt angels
– iPad or Kindle Bag

Where do the proceeds go?

The women earn the bulk of the selling price for each product crafted and completed in a month. The balance of the sale proceeds is used to stock fabrics and contribute the projects overheads. 

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Explore our Gallery of Artwork

As positive thought leaders driven by their faith, the Kopanang women channel their spiritual and cultural heritage through their creations. Every item is a tactile statement of strength, with a trace of the creator’s personality woven between the stitches of fabric and strokes of paint. Our latest products can be previewed on our Facebook page: follow the link here to view angel’s, African animals and the exquisite embroidered wall hangings


In the text tab next to the shopping cart, you can select your own color scheme and if we do not have stock, we will make it for you. This may take a few weeks, but we will let you know if there are alternative choices to explore. Contact us to chat more about what you are looking for and we will happily assist.